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New Scents added to our wonderful collection

by christina forson on 03/21/13

Forson's Homemade Candles has added few more scents to our wonderful collection. March has really been a busy month for our company and I wanted to thank all our customers for continuing to do business with Forson's Homemade Candles and if you're new to Forson's Homemade Candles we all here welcome you and thank you too. Forson's Homemade Candles has come a long way from where we first started. We first started with just 14 scents, and 4oz, 8oz, and 12oz Jars. Since then We now have over 50 Scents, added 16oz tinplated can candles, aroma beads, 6 pack large Tarts, Ceramic Combo Tart warmers, and Cupcake Candles. I am so excited to come up with different scents and new things. Our new scents added this month is Toffee Cinnamon Apple, Creme Brulee, and Cotton Tree. Our New Scents are listed in our new scents collection, be sure to check them out at and once again we THANK YOU for continuing to do business with Forson's Homemade Candles.



Christina Forson


For our new customers, new to our candle products

by christina forson on 02/27/13

My name is Christina Forson owner of Forson's Homemade Candles LLC and I started making candles only as a hobby. I gave my candles out to friends and family and with there positive feedback I started thinking why not turn my hobby into a full time business. I can't take awesome pictures but I can make awesome candles. When you purchase a candle or any line of our candle products of Forson's Homemade Candles, you're not getting a cheap handmade candle with no scent when you light the wic. I make each and every candle, cupcake candles, and tarts myself and I promise you, you will love our products! In the past I purchase candles that smelled ok but no scent when I lit it for hours, or pay to much for a candle and yeah they smell good, but just way to costly for me. So this is another reason why I came out with Forson's Homemade Candles because I want everyone to experience how amazing my candles are and I feel no one should have to pay top prices for candles so my promise to my customers will be, keep our prices low and make candles that our customers will keep comming back for more. With every order Forson's Homemade Candles is giving away 1 free round scented tart of your choice of scent. You see a scent you would like to try, this is a new way to do it. Also We offer Low Shipping cost and orders will be sent out within 24 hours, and our customers should receive there orders within 3 days. Please visit our website at and we thank you for chosing Forson's Homemade Candles and we look forward to serving you! Thank You Sincerely Christina Forson  

Ceramic Combo Warmers

by christina forson on 02/22/13

Forson's Homemade Candles will be selling Ceramic Combo Warmers for tarts and also for candle Jars. Starting 2/28/2013 we will be offering Ceramic Combo Warmers in Brown and also in Green.


Also Starting on 2/25/2013 Forson's Homemade Candles will be donating 50% to the Monarch Learning Center in Hampshire County WV, a program that is changing one students life at a time. For our new customers who are new to Forson's Homemade Candles we thank you for your support and for giving Forson's Homemade Candles the opportunity to serve you with wonderful products sure to please candle lovers, thats the Forson's Homemade Candles Promise!! We thank everyone of our customers for allowing us to serve you with our wonderful candle products and we thank you for your business.


Christina Forson (owner)

Forson's Homemade Cupcake Candles

by christina forson on 01/29/13

Forson's Homemade Candles has a new line of candle collection just added and we are excited to present cupcake candles..!! Our cupcake candles smell so yummy almost good enough to eat. Our cupcake candles come with two different scents, one for the cake part and another scent for the icing. Forson's Homemade Cupcakes we have strawberry with vanilla icing, blueberry with vanilla icing, lemon cupcake with your choice of vanilla icing or lemon, banana bread cupcake with vanilla icing and a few more. Forson's Homemade Candles will also be specializing in baby shower cupcakes, for a boy our cupcakes will be blue and for a little girl they will be pink. These cute cupcakes will smell like baby powder. For Valentines Day our cupcakes will be red and white with a heart on top of the icing and this flavor will be strawberry and vanilla. As time goes on Forson's Homemade Candles will create more and more cupcakes, and every month a new scent will be added to our wonderful collection. Our new scent added for our line of candles and tarts is cookie cottage, smells so good. Be sure to check out our website at

Homemade Candles Made With Love

by christina forson on 01/11/13

Our candles have amazing hot throw scent when lit. Just because our prices are low don't think for a moment you are getting a cheap candle with no hot throw scent. With over 300 happy customers since our opening September 17, 2012 Forson's Homemade Candles are a hit. Quality candles made with top fragrances for an awesome hot throw scent. So far we have 45 scents and every month new scents are added to our finest line of collection. Forson's Homemade Candles offers two different size tarts, our mini tarts and our large round tarts for small and large scented tart warmers. Forson's Homemade Candles also has Aroma Bead Air fresheners in 4oz jars great for vehicles, RV's, and small rooms. Forson's Homemade candles offers 4oz, 8oz, 12oz jars and also our newest line to our collection is our 16oz tinplated candle can with double wooden wicks. We also offer low shipping rates starting at $6.00 for orders under $75.00 and with each order customers recieve 1 free scented tart of there choice of fragrance, just a great way to sample a new fragrance!! Visit our website for a list of our fragrances and supplies.