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New Ideals Coming to Forsons Homemade Candle Company

by christina forson on 01/21/16

Forson's Homemade Candles open in 2011 and here we are in the year of 2017. It has been a busy year for 2016 for us. I want to thank all my customers for doing business with us, because without you, we wouldn't be where we are today. I am always looking for ways to give back to others. While we keep our prices low, along with our shipping cost now, and donating 50% of our fundraisers profit. I want to do more for our customers. I am considering of doing a sweepstakes of 10 lucky winners every month. Prizes will be products and money. For every order you make of $25.00 your name will be put in our jar to be drawn for a chance to win and not only this, 10% of your order will go to a charity. There will be certain products to purchase for your entry and shipping cost will be $7.50 for a $25.00 order. This will take some time to do some updates on the website, but we are hoping by April 2017 we can start this creative ideal. We will keep updating our post to let Our Customers know.. Thanks Again for Supporting Forsons Homemade Candle Company!!

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1. Janet said on 1/21/16 - 10:58AM
I am so excited for the new products. I love all your candle products.
2. Adrian G said on 1/21/16 - 02:30PM
Keep up the great work!! We have bought almost every single scent and fell in love with them. This is the only place I shop for all my fragrances. Can't wait to try room sprays. If it wasn't for you Christina turning your hobby into a business, I would still be wasting my money on junk candles.
3. jackie said on 2/2/16 - 09:01AM
I am so excited. We look forward to new products. Every candle product you make you pour your heart into and it shows in all your products. This is the only place we go for all our products..
4. karen said on 1/27/17 - 02:43PM
Great ideal
5. Jerry said on 1/30/17 - 10:59AM
Great Ideal, I love your products and this is one reason why I choose to buy from here. This company makes the best candle products for low cost, low shipping cost, and cares about there customers unlike other companies. This is a company I support 100%.

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