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Graduation Cupcakes

by christina forson on 03/25/13

Forson's Homemade Candles will soon be starting GRADUATION CUPCAKE CANDLES for the special someone in your life who is graduating Middle or High school. Starting 4/1/2013 a new list will be added to our cupcake candles and a list of colors for the school to choose two colors. Also a diploma will be added to the middle school cupcakes, and a graduation cap and diploma for the high school cupcake candles. There will be two section for cupcake candles, one listed for the middle school and one listed for the high school. Our Graduation Cupcake Candles makes a beautiful keepsake gift sure to be treasured for a lifetime memory.


Christina Forson (owner)

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1. Travis WV said on 3/28/13 - 03:26PM
This is an cool thing, wow you know this will take off, you come up with creative things and everyone falls in love with. Great products, great prices, Number one in my book, 10 stars Christina!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2. Beth K Wv said on 3/30/13 - 07:26AM
Cool!! I just love your products, everyday I light your candles in my home and everyone here loves them. Everyone who enters our home says how it smell so great in here, or what you baking. The best there is out there. I would shop anywhere else for my candle need but only forsons homemade candle.
3. Torey Wv said on 3/30/13 - 04:27PM
5 Stars Christina, Love Your Candles, No one can even try to come close, I love your scents, tarts, aroma beads, and wooden wicks, Amazing and an awesome Job.
4. Betty VA said on 4/2/13 - 10:31AM
Christina is one of the nicest people to do business with. She is the only person who makes each and every product she has for sale. All of her candle line collection is amazing, I have had almost every scent and love all of them. For those who are just visiting this site, read the reviews, ty forsons homemade candles, worth every cent. I know Forson's Homemade Candles is growing quickly, no need to wonder why, these are the greatest candle products around, that will not break you wallet. For those who don't buy, you are missing out on the best candles around. Always number 1 in all our book.
5. Thomas said on 4/30/13 - 02:49PM
We just Love Forson's Homemade Candles, thee best prices for a one of a kind candle. Strong scents that fill our rooms quickly. If your are new to Forson's Homemade Candles, give them a try, you won't be wasting your money because these homemade candles are worth every penny.

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