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Forson's Homemade Candles Has Moved!

by christina forson on 07/18/13

Forson's Homemade Candles has moved to Augusta WV and soon will be opening our new candle store at our new location located on Ash Ruckman Road. Our new number is 1-304-496-7700. Forson's Homemade Candles website is also being updated with our newest labels and phone number. Opening this year will be Forson's Homemade Candle store for business, but in the meantime feel free to order from our website or you can also place your orders by phone too. Forson's Homemade Candles will soon be adding some new scents to our lovely collection this month. 
Sincerely Christina Forson

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1. amanda said on 10/4/13 - 06:29PM
Thee best candles I have ever bought, great prices and wonderful scents.
2. Josh said on 10/4/13 - 06:36PM
Christina is a wonderful person who loves what she does each and every day and clearly its ahows through her finish candle products. I love you line of candles, long lasting, great prices, wouldn't buy any where but here. I love your candles Christina, you're an amazing woman with amazing talent in creating a n amazing candle. Love you Josh
3. Danny said on 10/5/13 - 08:49AM
Amazing scented candles the best and well worth the money.
4. Anthony Ca said on 10/5/13 - 08:52AM
Beautiful website, love the new labels. Of course I love all your products couldn't live with out them in our home.
5. Miles said on 10/7/13 - 01:34PM
I love all you wonderful candle scents. All our friends and family members purchases only your candle products!! The best candles out there for all our candle needs. Thank you Christina for opening your company up to provide all of us amazing candle products.
6. Noel said on 10/9/13 - 06:50AM
Love your candle scents. We have bug rooms and your candles/tarts fill these rooms with no problems at all. Great prices, great candles, true to there scents, awesome products.
7. megan WV said on 10/9/13 - 06:57AM
We all love your products, great low prices, qucik shipping, low shipping rates, great candles. We use to buy Yankee candles all the time until we had met you and you gave a free sample. Your products are way better then yankee any day and the prices for an amazing candle is priceless. We all thank you for bring your hobby to a full time business and share to the world for everyone to have these wonderful candle products in our home, vehicles, offices and more.
8. Tony Va said on 10/19/13 - 07:07AM
Very strong scents, fill room quickly, Amazaing products awesome prices. Love all your scents. Keep up the amazing work.
9. Gail & Brian Texas said on 10/19/13 - 07:31AM
Im new to forsons homemade candles. I order a few candle tarts. Nice prices, order ship to my home with 3 days. Tried the Banana Nut bread, true to the scent filled my rooms with scent quickly. I couldn't believe how long the little tart lasted a whole day no problem, longing then the time you mention. I am hook on your candles.
10. Thomas said on 2/24/14 - 08:01AM
Wouldnt Go anywhere else to buy candles ever again. We all love your products Christina and the scents are out of this world. Thomas & Mary Va
11. James Va said on 2/24/14 - 12:40PM
Forson's Homemade Candles, this is a name you don't want to forget. The owner of this company makes one of the best, well dont know if best is the right word, but amazing outstanding candle products I have ever bought for a price that won't break your wallet. I love her products.
12. sara wv said on 2/27/14 - 09:39PM
Truly amazing candles. Forson homemade candles arethe greatest candles I have ever bought and the prices are so cheap. Long olasting scented tarts and candles.

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