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Update for Monthly Drawings

by christina forson on 04/11/17

Please Visit our and under the tab for Monthly Drawing sweepstakes there is a list of products that will qualify you into our monthly sweepstakes drawing. More Products will be added to this list as we step into this new adventure. Prizes will be in a form of candle products and or cash. we are still working on this and will update our customers.. Not only this Our Company will be giving back 10% of each order through the Monthly Drawing to Charity.. Please Join us in our next adventure and be apart of a company that pays it forward.. Thank you for supporting Forsons Homemade Candle Company...

New Ideals Coming to Forsons Homemade Candle Company

by christina forson on 01/21/16

Forson's Homemade Candles open in 2011 and here we are in the year of 2017. It has been a busy year for 2016 for us. I want to thank all my customers for doing business with us, because without you, we wouldn't be where we are today. I am always looking for ways to give back to others. While we keep our prices low, along with our shipping cost now, and donating 50% of our fundraisers profit. I want to do more for our customers. I am considering of doing a sweepstakes of 10 lucky winners every month. Prizes will be products and money. For every order you make of $25.00 your name will be put in our jar to be drawn for a chance to win and not only this, 10% of your order will go to a charity. There will be certain products to purchase for your entry and shipping cost will be $7.50 for a $25.00 order. This will take some time to do some updates on the website, but we are hoping by April 2017 we can start this creative ideal. We will keep updating our post to let Our Customers know.. Thanks Again for Supporting Forsons Homemade Candle Company!!

New Products

by christina forson on 03/23/14

Forson's Homemade Candles New Line added to our wonderful Collection is Our Sachet Bags with Aroma Beads 2 pk for $2.50 and Our New Scent for April is Cherry! Also here is Augusta WV some of our Candle Products are Now in the White Oak Consignment Shop! Forson's Homemade Candle Company also does Fundraisers, if you're interested please give us a call at 1-304-496-7700 or visit our website to fill out a form. Our Company is on just enter our company name and see our Reviews from our Customers! We are also on Facebook and so is our store Too. We thank you for continuing to allow our company serve you with our wonderful products!


Forson's Homemade Candles Has Moved!

by christina forson on 07/18/13

Forson's Homemade Candles has moved to Augusta WV and soon will be opening our new candle store at our new location located on Ash Ruckman Road. Our new number is 1-304-496-7700. Forson's Homemade Candles website is also being updated with our newest labels and phone number. Opening this year will be Forson's Homemade Candle store for business, but in the meantime feel free to order from our website or you can also place your orders by phone too. Forson's Homemade Candles will soon be adding some new scents to our lovely collection this month. 
Sincerely Christina Forson

Graduation Cupcakes

by christina forson on 03/25/13

Forson's Homemade Candles will soon be starting GRADUATION CUPCAKE CANDLES for the special someone in your life who is graduating Middle or High school. Starting 4/1/2013 a new list will be added to our cupcake candles and a list of colors for the school to choose two colors. Also a diploma will be added to the middle school cupcakes, and a graduation cap and diploma for the high school cupcake candles. There will be two section for cupcake candles, one listed for the middle school and one listed for the high school. Our Graduation Cupcake Candles makes a beautiful keepsake gift sure to be treasured for a lifetime memory.


Christina Forson (owner)