Forsons Homemade Candles started as a hobby in Capon Bridge in the West Virginia mountains in 2011 and is growing faster than I ever could imagined. It took a lot of experimentation and reading... the reading part was the easy part, but making a candle took a lot of trial and error and I never gave up. Once I figured it all out and was up and running, I started handing my candles out to family and friends for feedback. I wanted to know how long it took before the fragrance of each candle filled the room, how well it burned, and how much they like the overall experience.

The overwhelming positive feedback inspired me to take my hobby to the next step!!!

I turned my little hobby into Forsons Homemade Candles so that everyone would be able to enjoy these amazing scented candles from our candle company as much as my friends and I do. Forsons Homemade Candles didn't just stop here, we offer Scented Tarts,Wooden Wicks for our 16 oz tinplated can candlesAroma Beads Air Fresheners in Sachet Bags and in 4 oz Jars,  perfect for Vehicles. Now everyone can enjoy these lovely scents in their home and in their cars, trucks, RVs and boats!!!

Our New Line Added to our wonderful collection is our Handmade Cupcake Candles! Forsons Homemade Cupcakes come in a variety of flavors for the cupcake itself and Vanilla Icing for the Icing part. Visit our store for a list of scents and be sure to check out our Ceramic Combo Tart Warmers and Metal plates for our cupcakes.

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